Composition Analysis

MCS has a diverse range of analytical techniques for performing materials analysis, chemical analysis and product reverse engineering. The most widely used techniques are summarised as follows…

  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, EDX.
  • Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy, FT-IR.
  • Auger Electron Spectroscopy, AES.
  • SSIMS Static Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Surface-SIMS).
  • DSIMS Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Depth Profile SIMS).
  • X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, XPS.

These scientific instruments are run by experienced members of technical staff who provide interpretation of the data gathered allowing you to harness the power of the analytical tools and apply the results to your products and processes.

MCS has a proven track record in industrial support and problem solving and provides a proactive, rapid-response technical service.

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