Metallurgy & Engineering

Metals and alloys are critical building blocks of many products in modern society. From nanomaterials to architectural structures, metals and alloys have a huge range of uses and applications. High-purity metals and alloys find uses in semiconductor devices, automobiles, aircraft, magnetic media, and numerous other products. Accurate and precise determination of their chemical composition ensures that end users have the right materials for their specific applications.

MCS provide metallurgical analysis services throughout the supply chain supporting manufacturers dealing with customer complaints through to end users from all major industry sectors (aerospace, defence, electronics, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals etc).  We also importers and those interested in reverse engineering.

We have many years of experience providing metallurgical lab services and related field-fail investigations across a wide range of industry sectors. MCS has highly qualified materials scientists and chemists who are experienced in performing services from routine product verification through to rapid response failure analysis.

MCS are equipped to provide a full analytical testing service. We have broad experience, having provided failure analysis lab services for challenging service environments such as offshore oil installations and inside major power generation plant.

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