MCS are at the forefront of microelectronic package leak detection and hermeticity testing.

We are actively involved in developing standards for leak detection on packages which are not covered by established industry methods (package volume 0.052 cm3 and below*). MCS are part of the SEMI Task Force to create a new standard: Fluid Permeation through MEMS Packaging Materials.

We offer a full leak detection service including ground-breaking new services for small packages alongside established methods:

  1. For small packages. FT-IR, Raman and In-Situ Test methods.
  2. For larger packages. Helium fine leak, Gross bubble test.

We provide consultancy for package design and materials/method selection.

  • “what type of package seal do I need to provide x protection for y years?”
  • “will material x in package y provide adequate protection against gas/water ingress for z years?”
  • “how can I quantify the leak rate of a low cavity volume package?”

We offer practical solutions to reduce leak rates through our knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes and appropriate detection methods.

* See Leak detection methods for glass capped and polymer sealed MEMS packages, S. Millar, M.P.Y. Desmulliez and S. McCracken, Proceeding of DTIP 2010, Seville, Spain, May 2010.