Electronics form an integral part of the products and services which we rely on in all aspects of modern life.

Reliability in electronic systems is crucial, whether you are designing, manufacturing, selling or using equipment. MCS has many years of experience in identifying the causes of problems from component right up to product level.

We provide impartial, expert, rapid diagnosis of problems from design, manufacture and failure in the field. We work with our customers to find solutions to problems which range from simple quality control issues to complex failures involving design, materials and application environment.

Analysis is conducted on all parts of the electronics system including solder joints, PCB’s, passive devices, IC’s, connectors, cables and coatings etc.

Analysis of thousands of cases over more than 10 years at MCS has generated invaluable experience.

Our experience can help you understand the root-cause of a reliability problem, identify a solution and prevent costly reoccurrence.

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