Customer LogosAs an independent company, with a global base and an international reputation for excellence MCS work with some of the biggest names across all industry sectors, including key Defence and Electronics companies, along with major players in the Power Generation and Automotive sectors.

Our customers keep coming back because MCS deliver results:

  • EMS provider held responsible by customer for product failure – MCS identifies inherent component flaws as root-cause. Customer accepts findings and authorises design change allowing production to re-start and new product to be shipped to market on time.
  • Telecoms OEM recovers $500m after supplier admits liability for faulty parts. MCS trace problem to residue found on PCB pad surface.
  • OEM stops $3m of shipments after product fails reliability tests. MCS find test equipment at fault and suggest solution allowing product to be reworked. Client saves potentially huge scrappage bill and customer relationship improves.
  • Defence contractor faces field reliability issue with safety critical product. MCS identifies root cause as defective PCB, supplier changed and product quality protected.