MCS’ Zeiss Gemini_450 First Birthday!

Towards the end of 2018 we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new Carl Zeiss Gemini field emission scanning electron microscope.

By mid January 2019 the scope had been full installed and was up and running (the first of its kind in the UK).

Now, more than a year later, it is the centre piece of our analytical arsenal providing us with a wide array of cutting edge research grade imaging options.

One particularly noteworthy capability of the Gemini is the low voltage surface imaging. This allows us to image ultra-thin layers of contaminants on the surface of samples that other microscopes would simply “punch through” and be unable to detect. Ultra-low beam energies allow us to see and clearly image these layers – indispensable when tracing contamination in applications such as semiconductor wire bonding processes.

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